♡ more than just a dream

hi i'm mavis and this is my shit-show. my account is basically my online diary because of how much i overshare. i really just post everything that pops into my crackhead brain so most of what i say is either dumb or makes absolutely no sense. i'm really annoying at times so if i'm bothering you, you gotta be straight up and say "hey mavis? stfu and die fr" because i'm dense and will think you're joking otherwise. i'm the biggest crackhead on this website and don't ever believe that i've reached my peak of dumbass because you will be dissappointed. i'm really friendly i guess? i'm really bad at messaging people so i mainly just talk through the feed and the comments on posts. if you ever want to talk to someone though, i'm here! i also change my profile a lot because i'm never satisfied with the way it looks lol. i'll make this prettier one day when i'm not making this on my phone.

#holytrinity #mysticgang #bnhagang



♡ s/he. gemini. chaotic evil. entp-t.

♡ things i post about a lot: keith kogane & bakugo katsuki! klance, kiribaku, my shitty music taste.

♡ synpath/ids: lance(vld) kirishima(bnha) shinji(eva.) senpai(dbmn) sokka(atla)